See what your rescue looked like before you loved them

Frequently Asked Questions

What made you start "Before You Loved Me"?

Short story, my wife. Long story, go to check out Our Story!

Why haven't you puppytized my rescue yet?

While we would love to get everyone's rescue puppytized, we simply cannot. Our artist has a full time job and a family. We encourage you to Submit your rescue and we'll do our best.

How often do you update?

Currently, we try for three times per week (M/W/F). We plan to increase this drastically in the near future. Get your rescue submitted today!

Should I wait until you increase your frequency for better odds of getting chosen?

Not at all! We are gradually getting more and more submissions everyday. Submit yours today, before we start getting flooded!

How do you choose?

A lot of it depends on the backstory, but that's not all of it. We plan to add a voting feature in the future, to allow you all to help us choose.

Are these all rescues?

No. We would prefer to draw all rescues moving forward, but we have to take the submitter's word for it. However, the first few either belong to us or our friends and family. Some of those are still rescues, like Tater.

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