See what your rescue looked like before you loved them

Our Story of Before You Loved Me

A lot of people want to know what influenced us to start “Before You Loved Me”. In short, it was my wife. Continue on, if you want to know the full story.

It all started about a year and a half ago when my wife (fiancee at the time) found a 2-year-old boxer at a local animal shelter. With this photo alone (bottom left), she fell in love with him. We went to see him and ended up taking him home within the hour. He had been a stray that they took in and named Caleb, but we changed it to Tater. Having only had the name Caleb for a week, we didn’t think it would confuse him much.

Since that, my wife has repeatedly said “I wonder what Tater was like as a puppy” or similar comments. He still acts like a puppy, so I don’t imagine he was much different. However, I know she wanted to actually see him as a puppy. With her birthday right around the corner, I had the idea of having my friend draw a picture of what Tater would have looked like as a puppy. I knew he was talented enough to make it happen, and I knew she would love it.

Before even asking him to do it, I thought about all of the other people out there who have rescued adult animals, and how they have also been deprived of seeing them grow up. They wouldn’t all have access to someone with such talents, but maybe I could help them get in contact. And with that, “Before You Loved Me” was born. Here was the inaugural drawing that began it all…

Tater's adoption photo.

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