See what your rescue looked like before you loved them

Submit Your Rescue Dog For Puppytization!

It seems most people want a puppy or kitten when they are looking to get a pet. Even adult animals deserve a loving home, but the owners deserve to see their youthful faces too. Want us to show you what your rescued animal looked like before you loved them? Just email us a couple pictures that clearly show their face, along with the following information:

Pet’s Name - For introducing them to the world
Home State - Also for introductions
Pet’s Approximate Age in Pics - To help the artist in with the age regression
Breed(s) - So we can compare it to other puppies/kittens of that kind
Instagram Account (optional) - For us to alert you that it’s ready
Twitter Account (optional) - For us to alert you that it’s ready
Backstory - We want to do more than show the pictures, we want to introduce your rescue to the world

Unfortunately, we cannot do this for every animal submitted. We will work hard to do as many as we can, and hope to expand in the future.

We’ll use Tater as an example of what we’re looking to see:

Tater, 4-Year-Old Boxer from Tennessee
@BeforeYouLoved (Twitter)
@BeforeYouLovedMe (Instagram)
Tater was under fed when we adopted him, and had a “happy tail”. This happy tail caused him lots of pain when it would hit the walls, and then it would bleed all over his white fur. The vet gave us the options of removing it or keeping him somewhere without walls. I believe the second choice was supposed to be a joke, but we didn’t find it funny. We didn’t want to do it, but we had the tail removed. After a couple weeks in a cone, Tater was back to his playful self, along with a new “happy nubbin” to replace that tail. While he still acts like a baby today, my wife always wondered what he looked like when he was a puppy. This is why I would like to see what Tater looked like before we loved him.

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